THE DRAGON 2011 “Debating on Critical Arguments Competition”


FISIP A Team when Case Building

On May 2011, English Debating Society UNIMED proudly present THE DRAGON 2011 “Debating on Critical Arguments Competition” @Faculty of Languages and Arts, 07th – 08 May 2011 with theme “Enhancing Debating and Critical Thingking Skills”.


We are from FISIP USU English Club have sent 3 teams for this competition. But before I tell you about this competition, I would like to tell you what is FISH Club ?

Logo of FISH Club

FISH Club (Fisip USU English Club) is an english club established in FISIP USU 3 years ago. FISH Club is a media for students of FISIP USU who have english interest and skill. Therefore, FISH Club always tries to advocate students who want to have experience in english competition or english event. Some of the advocations can be seen from the programmes which have been arranged for all members.

Participants of The Dragon 2011

Okay Guys, back to The Dragon 2011. This is an English Debate Competition in Medan Region, SUMUT. Many Universities in Medan who joined this competition to get the best one and become the winner in this competition. As I said before, there are 3 teams from FISH Club FISIP USU who joined this competition. There are FISIP A, FISIP B, and FISIP C and at the time I was on FISIP A Team.

Adjudicators, The Committee, and The Winners of The Dragon 2011

Amazing guys, from prelimanary 1 until grand final FISIP A become the 1st winner in that competition. Actually, I am as a beginner of debate in that competition and it’s the first time for me as a debater and join in that competition.  In grand final we met with mikroskill team and you know guys,,,,In that time I feel nervous and think about how to be the winner in this competition because as we know I am as a beginner and our opponent is a good debaters. But, God know what we want, so we are become the 1st winner guys. I feel happy in that announce. Proud to be FISIP USU.

FISIP A as The First Winner

FISIP A :  1. Marissa Catellya Arifin (1st Speaker and Replay Speech)Marissa Catellya Arifin

2. Febri Samuel R N (2nd Speaker)Febri Samuel R N

3. Hotmaringan Samosir (3rd Speaker)Bang Hotmaringan


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