JAKARTA MODEL UNITED NATIONS 2013: Call For Future Delegates!!!



Poster JMUN 2013

Dear Friends,

After the success of two previous editions, 3rd edition of Jakarta Model United Nations is coming back with more up to date issue for the topic of conference. This year conference takes “Youth Participation in Ending Crisis” as the main theme. Through this theme, Jakarta MUN is willing to invite all young people in the world to take role as representative of world leader to discuss the issue and find the solution.

In this year conference, Jakarta MUN 2013 will have 5 councils with interesting and complex topic area to be discussed. Councils in Jakarta MUN 2013 will reflect the real crisis happening in our society now. The council ranges from humanity issue until security issue. These five councils are APEC, NATO, UNICEF, WHO, and WTO.

Jakarta MUN is not only about having serious discussion. Jakarta MUN is also chances for delegates to enjoy the host city, Jakarta. Jakarta MUN 2013 will provide you with the culture and the life of people who inhabited the capital city of Indonesia. Committee of Jakarta MUN will provide delegates with the most unforgettable socials events.

This year Jakarta MUN will be conducted on:
17th June – 21st June 2013
Jakarta, Indonesia

Registration of Jakarta MUN is opened from 11th March-8th April 2013. We are looking forward for your participation in this year conference. Your participation will help our world to find the best solution for all humankind.

For further info, you can open http://www.jakartamun.org or contact us throuh twitter @JakartaMUN or send an email to jakartamun@gmail.com.

Thank you for your kind cooperation, and you can also share this news to other friends that may be interested in participating as delegates.

Have a nice day!

NB : Untuk para calon delegasi yang berasal dari Universitas Sumatera Utara dapat juga menghubungi Febri Samuel R N (FISIP USU) or contact me throuh twitter @Febri Samuel. Dapat juga dilihat media di sini : http://www.e-campusradio.com/2013/03/jakarta-model-united-nations-2013-call.html

Warmest Regards,

Febri Samuel R N
Campus Ambassador of University of Sumatra Utara
Jakarta MUN 2013


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Currently studying at Business Administration Department (AB), Faculty of Social Science and Politic Science, North Sumatera University. I Love doing activities with my organization intra and ekstra and I'm love join competition, leadership training, especially Writing. My hobby is sport like Futsal, Badminton, and I love writing some article, essay, etc. Enjoy about everything, like join conference and leadership training, environment issue, and youth empowerment. Thanks God for everything. Chang Maker....

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